VW Pholeum – Electric Vehicle Able to Turn 360 Degrees

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Pholeum VW Concept

This interesting concept was designed by Alexei Mikhailov. The futuristic chariot, dubbed VW Pholeum, represents the city speedway one-person mean of transport.

Using the external wheel base, the car can easily be parked, since the wheels are able to turn 360 degrees. The car doesn’t require suspension because rubberized tires along with independent spoke arrangements easily absorb any bumps. Note that tires are made of bio-degradable rubber.

It is worth noting that the controls of the green car resemble the video game controls, which is somewhat obvious (or not) for a car that claims to be the vehicle of the future.

Due to the fact that the car features Memory Plastic panels and body, it will be able to easily auto repair in case of collisions. Besides, if the car will be damaged irreparably, it could easily be melted down and then re-modeled.

The car also boasts a new airbag system – each tire has one bag and two bags are located in the pod. The chassis is made of light aluminum alloy.

The electric motors, located in each wheel, are powered by the so-called “future fuel” produced using hydrogen fuel cell technology.

In case you were wondering where does the name of the vehicle come from, well, here the answer: a living cell tissue system of a plant lies behind the name Pholeum. The system serves as a mean of transport that brings organic nutrients to the parts of the plant where these are required.

Pholeum VW Concept Back

Pholeum VW Concept Airbag

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