Mytho Makes a Step Towards the Future of Urban Transport

November 13th, 2009 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

mytho-urban-concept-vehicle-solar-roofMytho represents a futuristic concept developed for both private and public transportation. Its designer Victor Uribe Chacon had the idea of creating a vehicle that would represent the future of urban commuting.

The design is made in American style mixed with elegance and complexity. The car has a great appearance, mostly thanks to the deep black and shiny silver color mix.

Mytho has rather light due to the recyclable materials used. In addition, it includes a number of contemporary technologies such as GPS, fast Internet, OLED displays, built-in solar cells, as well as HUD screen for the driver.

Mytho represents an eco-friendly car that is both plain and complex. Its body is made of aluminum, while the side panels are made of compressed wood, which makes the car recyclable.


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