Twizy Z.E. – Ideal Eco-friendly Vehicle for Urban Areas

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twizy-eco-friendly-urban-carTwizy Z.E. represents one of the latest eco-friendly car concepts designed by the French carmaker Renault to be used in busy urban areas. It has a four-wheel chassis and it provides two seats for the passenger and driver, one behind the other.

It generates zero carbon dioxide emissions, while still offering speed and efficiency. It is very compact, measuring just 2.3 meters in length and being 1.13 wide, which makes Twizy Z.E. very useful for busy urban use.

The turning occurrence cycle of this eco-friendly car is just 3 meters and its footprint is barely larger than the footprint of a conventional scooter. The car is easy to handle and the low center of gravity makes it very stable on the road.

One of the most unique aspects of this vehicle is Twizy’s octagonal wheel fairings that completely cover its wheels, creating a futuristic look. The silent eco-friendly vehicle is powered by a 20hp (15kW) electric motor.

Twizy Z.E. has the acceleration of a 125cc bike and its top speed reaches 75 kilometers per hour. The figure may look insignificant, but in a busy city it is more than enough.





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