CityCar – Smart Green Vehicle for Urban Environment

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citycar-smart-green-vehicleThis concept car was designed by specialists from MIT Media Lab’s Smart Cities Group. The compact eco-friendly vehicle is called CityCar. The name says it all – the car is meant to save a lot of space in an urban environment.

By running on an electric-engine, the car can travel a distance equivalent to 200mpg of gasoline.

The tradition for in-wheel electric motors in eco-friendly cars is applied here as well.

CityCar does not have a central engine, being propelled by the small electric motors. In addition, this green car boasts a regenerative braking mechanism. The latter charges the batteries each time the drives applies the brakes. Each in-wheel motor turn on the regenerative braking.

The driver also benefits from suspensions that are independently controlled, which makes it possible to turn the vehicle in less space and make it spin on its own axis.



[via DesignBoom]


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