Expedition Vehicle Concept for Urban and Rural Areas

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expedition-vehicle-conceptHere we have another alternative for agglomerated urban areas. Designed by Prodan Dragos, a designer from Romania, the E.V.C. (Expedition Vehicle Concept) represents a multifunctional eco-friendly car that the driver can configure. The vehicle can be changed from a camping model to an open top boulevard car.

The E.V.C. boasts a nano-polymere body and a 4×4 hybrid drivetrain. It has 250 millimeters of ground clearance, which means that you won’t have any problems crossing through country roads.

Inside there’s enough space for four passengers. When parked, the green vehicle folds its backseats, offering sleeping space when you’re having a long journey. At the front, the seats spin. The beautiful hexagonal windows mounted on top of the car, not only make space for the daylight to illuminate the interior, but also work as photovoltaic cells to collect extra energy.

The E.V.C. also features 3 workboxes installed up front offering space for power equipment, footwear, clothing, extra cargo etc. You can also remove the headlights and use them as flashlight whenever you need to illuminate something outside the vehicle. This is possible thanks to the built-in battery pack.




[via Diseno-art]


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