Rural Concept Runs on Hydrogen and Solar Power

December 10th, 2009 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

rural-concept-car-hydrogen-solar-power This concept car was designed by Matt Bradbury, who though about integrating a hybrid system within this eco-friendly vehicle. Such system is expected to considerably improve the car’s performance.

The hybrid system runs on electricity and hydrogen fuel cells. Thus the Rural Concept represents a model that generates zero emissions while driving at high speeds.

Its chassis is made of carbon fiber. The Rural Vehicle features adaptable solar cells that the driver can rotate to harness maximum solar energy by tracking the sun. Its solar panels convey the power to the in-wheel electric motors that make the car move.

The hydrogen fuel cell system along with regenerative braking complements the solar energy, allowing the battery to charge while the vehicle moves. All in all, this eco-friendly car is both functional and practical while making use from eco-friendly sources of fuel.



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