AERO – Eco-friendly Concept Car that Harnesses Wind and Solar Energy

January 18th, 2010 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

aero-green-car-conceptAERO represents a three-wheeled electric car for two people. It was designed by Cristian Polaco, who was inspired by the shapes of nature. The designer thought about developing a vehicle that would be eco-friendly and would boast a design that could remind of air and water.

Both, the design and functional features of the mid-engine rear wheel drive electric car were also influenced by the contemporary aspects one can find in Formula 1 cars. The vehicle’s body is made using compressed polymers which are quite easy to recycle and which make the car rather lightweight.

AERO can reach high speed while using a rather small amount of energy. The colors in which the car is painted represent purity. The car uses its front wheels to steer, with each wheel having its own electric motor connected to the steering wheel through a wireless system.

The two buttons located on the steering wheel can be used to increase or decrease the speed of this eco-friendly car. The batteries can be recharge in 3 different ways: using wind power (the vehicle features a system that harvests wind power), using solar power (using solar panels mounted between the car’s front wheels) and when there’s no wind and its night outside you have the option to plug the car into any source of 120V.


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