BlitzenBenz – Eco-friendly Supercar that Uses Nanotech to Grow Its Own Parts

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mercedes-benz-blitzenbenz-conceptThis impressive concept car was designed by Geogre Yoo, and Blitzen-Benz from 1909 served as a source of inspiration for the author.

The futuristic concept is meant to shed light on the possible future of the rich racing heritage of Mercedes-Benz.

Yoo named its eco-friendly concept “BlitzenBenz.” The heart of the vehicle is a Hygenius hybrid hydrogen engine that produces power to turn on the four in-wheel electric motors.

In addition, the eco-friendly supercar features a hydrogen tank located in the side pocket under the cockpit. This allows viewing the level of fuel that is shown in a small window.

One more interesting aspect of the car refers to the smart and adaptable components the vehicle is made of. Instead of making new car parts, the components can be grown by making use of the latest inventions in nanotechnology.

The vehicle’s wheel pods open like a flower thus cooling the incorporated electric motors. The design of the BlitzenBenz is enriched with the blue lighting system that brings the bioluminescent features of sea creatures to the green car.



[via Diseno Art]


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