GRIDCharger – Electric Car that Can Power Your Home

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gridcharger-eco-friendly-supercarThe GRIDCharger is the brainchild of designer Robert Marvin, who decided to create a futuristic high-performance family car that would run silently and on green energy.

The vehicle has four electric motors with one in each wheel. It would be interesting to note that the motors include a regenerative braking system, which is used to generate power each time the driver applies the brakes.

The vehicle was designed to have aerodynamics of a supercar and provide a fuel-efficient ride. It is worth mentioning that the vehicle features a steam turbine running at constant low-rpm in order to refill the onboard batteries. In addition, the turbine generates power for the four electric motors.

The steam turbine obviously needs water, which is why the designer decided to place a water tank behind the rear seat of the vehicle.

When you’re driving for a long time, the car consumes a very low amount of fuel and when the vehicle stands outside your home it can be used to power it.


[via Michelin Challenge Design]


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