Mo-Du-Lo – Electrical Vehicle for a Whole Neighborhood

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mo-du-lo-electric-vehicle-duThis unusual concept was designed by a French designer Thierry Dumaine. The modular car was developed exclusively for the Michelin Challenge Design 2010 and its main goal is to provide a comfy and eco-friendly mean of transport for a person, couple or neighborhood.

The concept features three different types of vehicles. The first one is a pedal-powered monocycle designed for one person and is called Mo. The second one, dubbed Du, represents a four-wheel vehicle that has two monocycles and Lo is the third car that can combine several cars to create a train for the entire neighborhood.

One can detach the Mo from the vehicle if he or she wishes to surf through the city for a short period of time. Du is a small electrical vehicle for two persons. It features built-in electric engines mounted under wheel rims. The car uses a special cable to connect to the electrical nets in the air in order to recharge its batteries via a GPS system.

As for the Lo, this car is suitable for long distance journeys. Several people can connect their cars and make a train. More pictures are available here.




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