Zeus – Stunning Eco-friendly Supercar

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zeus-electric-concept-carAccording to some designers, if all eco-friendly cars had a better design, the car-makers could register much better sales. One of such designers is the Portugal-based Joao Miguel Dias, who designed a “green” concept car and called it Zeus.

His car incorporates an electric engine hidden inside an aesthetically attractive body. Besides its good looks, the car is also very functional, allowing, for instance, the driver to enter the car in three different ways. The doors can open up to 50 degrees.

Unfortunately this car was designed for just one person. It can be controlled using two joysticks mounted into the armrests. The full information regarding the performance of the car, including speed and battery life, is provided by a series of touchscreens.

The wheels of Zeus have two modes: Urban and Highway. During the first mode, the tires are thinner, offering a better steering, but when you turn on the Highway mode, the tires widen, thus considerably improving the vehicle’s traction and making the car more stable on the road at high speeds.

Zeus is covered with carbon nanomaterial. The latter gathers renewable energy and stores it in ultracapacitor cells. And finally – the materials used in this vehicle can be recycled, which probably allows us to call it “ultra-green.”



[via Michelin Challenge Design]


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