Bentley Aero Ace Speed VI – Electric Sports Car with Enhanced Aerodynamics

February 10th, 2010 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

Auto designer Gabriel Tam is the author of this Bentley Aero Ace Speed VI model. Tam was inspired by the Speed 6 that won Le Mans for the Bentley Boys back in ’20s.

When the designer worked on the Speed VI, he tried to focus on the car’s aerodynamic properties and on increasing the vehicle’s speed.

The car also features a double wishbone suspension integrated in the adjustable spoiler/aerofoil, so it would boast improved efficiency.

The electric motors of the sports car are cooled by the air intakes. The built-in diffusers help the air flow and create downforce.

In order to have an optimal weight distribution, Tam decided to make a 1+1 seating layout and evenly allocate the battery pack of the car.


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