Hydrogen-Powered BMW Bike Concept

February 24th, 2010 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

This BMW concept bike is anything but usual, not only because it boasts a nice design but also due to the fact that it is hydrogen powered.

The concept was designed by a number of students from the ISD of Valenciennes, France, with the goal of attempting to envision the future of motorbikes in a green environment.

Arik Schwarz, Benoit Czyz, Charles Edouard Berche, and Vincent Montreuil named their creation BMW HP Kunst.

The bike has a number of tech savvy features, including a cryogenic hydrogen tank, battery Li-Po, electronic brakes and controls, as well as electromagnetic suspensions.

Among other features of the BMW HP Kunst there’s aluminum frame, tubular parts in steel and carbon parts and brushless engine 100kw.


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