LAMPO2 – the New All-Electric Sports Car from Swiss Carmaker Protoscar

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lampo2-from-protoscarThis is LAMPO2, a sports car developed by a Swiss company called Protoscar.

It is worth mentioning that the first electric vehicle developed by the Swiss firm, LAMPO, was presented last year at the Geneva Motor Show.

This year, the new car will be presented at the same venue. The LAMPO2 is more lightweight than its predecessor and has better aerodynamics and efficiency.

Protoscar included a plug-in rechargeable drivetrain developed by BRUSA. You can recharge it by using the wall socket, DC fast charge system, standard three-phase input or you can find a public charging station.

There are two electric motors that make it possible for the car to operate like a four-wheel drive vehicle. Both electric motors generate an output of 408hp. The LAMPO2 can reach 60mph in 5 seconds and its top speed is 124mph. The operating range of the vehicle is 125 miles.





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