Urban Jet from Cherban – Electric Bullet-Proof Vehicle

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urban-jet-bullet-proof-vehicleThis two-seater Urban Jet concept vehicle was designed by Cherban. The three-wheeler EV can reach a top speed of 150mph and boasts acceleration from 0-60mph in less than 3.5 seconds.

According to the Urban Jet website, the vehicle will be made using Aramid fiber, the same material that is used in bullet-proof vests. In addition, the car’s safety cell would pass the rules of FIA for F1 chassis.

The steering will be made using a handlebar arrangement. Inside there’s a dashboard with an 8-inch screen, MP3, 3G and iPod connectivity.

The company says that the front suspension of the Urban Jet is anti-dive, a-arm, swing-arm. The rear suspension features independent wishbones. The vehicle makes use of hydraulic disks, located on the front and rear, to bring it to a halt. At the same time this technology allows the car to produce power when brakes are hit.

The total weight of the vehicle is 350kg (770lb) and almost half of that weight belongs to the polymer lithium battery (26kWH). The batteries can be recharged through plug-in and an inboard charger: 110V, 16A or 22V 16A mono.

The company will not redesign the vehicle. In case some technical developments are required, the model will be replaced. It is worth mentioning that each model will feature an exclusive plate that will read: “Built by Cherban for …”



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