All-Electric One-Seater RoboCar G from AMP Inc

March 1st, 2010 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

This all-electric vehicle, developed by AMP Inc, will be launched later this year. The Next-Gen EV Study Group at Gunma University is the company that created the platform which the one-seater RoboCar G is based on.

According to engineers from AMP, their computer-controlled electric car was made for research and development, being spacious enough for practical use.

The vehicle has a number of sensors, including a laser range finder, a stereo camera, a GPS, an IMU, as well as a milliwave radar and a sonar sensor. The sensors can be installed based on the user’s needs and linked with each other through a network.

The Japanese company will make the car to order and looks forward to launch it starting November 2010.


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