All-Electric Three-Wheeled 3R-C from Honda

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The all-electric Honda 3R-C concept car is one of the eco-friendly vehicles that are going to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 in the period between March 4 and 14th.

The three-wheeled car was developed by a team of European designers from Honda’s Research and Design facility located in Milan. The main idea was to create a commuter car that would provide zero-emission travel.

The one-seater vehicle from the Japanese carmaker is powered by an electric drivetrain installed in the car’s chassis – which was made to improve the car’s center of gravity, thus making the 3R-C more stable on the road.

After parking the car, the canopy closes over the seat and handlebars in order to protect the car from precipitations. The same technology turns on when the driver gets in – the canopy pops up to serve as an enveloping windscreen, offering protection from the wind. A safe and lockable cargo area is located upfront, allowing carrying virtually anything.

[via Diseno-Art]


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