Audi E/0 – Futuristic All-Electric Car for Stylish Women

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Constantine Taranov is the author of this futuristic car design designed for Audi.

The eco-friendly vehicle is called Audi E/0 and it was designed for women who are into fashion and who intend to spend most part of their life in a crowded city.

The name of the car indicates that it can be used in two different modes, based on the region where it is used. The car can separate into module “E”, which is the main one, and module “0.” The former is meant to be used to travel to a charging station in order to refill, while the latter can be used to continue the journey.

It would be interesting to note that module E can transform into an interactive display. People can use it to access the Internet. In addition, the module can show the portfolio of its owner, at the same time being in contact with the owner by making use of audio and video interfaces.

The second module can travel 50 miles on full charges, having space only for one person. The main model, for comparison, has a range of 150 miles.

Additional specifications:

The “E” Module:

Length – 3000mm
Wheelbase – 2100 mm
Track turning the front wheels – 1400 mm
Rear track, 1000mm
Speed – 140 km / h
Trunk volume ~ 80 liters

The “0” Module:

Speed: 20km/h
Cruising electricity – 40-50 miles
Length – 1650 mm
Wheelbase – 1000 mm
Track leading and rear wheels – 1000 mm
Track front rotary – 350 mm
Trunk volume ~ 50 liters.

More images are available here.


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