EN-V – New Electric Vehicle from General Motors

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Recently General Motors unveiled its new concept car which has the potential of becoming one of the company’s most popular models since Chevrolet Volt.

Dubbed EN-V, the eco-friendly vehicle with built-in lithium-ion battery was developed in collaboration with SAIC.

It is powered by a 3KW electric motor and can reach a top speed of 25mph, being able to travel on full charge 25 miles.

The zero-emission car comes in three variants: Xiao, Jiao and Miao.

All these models make use of the same mechanical platform. It is worth mentioning that the EN-V is balanced with a series of gyroscopic sensors.

By using transceivers and cameras, the Segway-based car is able to perform “vehicle-to-vehicle” and “vehicle-to-network” communication. It also features a GPS system, which, together with the previously mentioned devices can read and identify the exact location as well as destination.

[via Autocar]


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