TRIGON – Small, Lightweight All-Electric Car for City Streets

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Alexandros TH Katinis and Kim Katinis from Greece are the authors of this all-electric vehicle.

The designers created the TRIGON Personal City Electric Vehicle believing that the most effective way to avoid traffic jams and cut the pollution level is to develop small eco-friendly cars.

For an improved efficiency the single-seat TRIGON was built as a minimum weight, minimum space and minimum load vehicle. Because the electric car is lightweight it will be able to travel long distances on a single charge.

The car runs on three wheels, which allows to driver to manipulate the car across car-stuffed city streets with ease. There are two electric motors incorporated in the vehicle’s wheels.

The two designers also thought about creating a comfortable interior for the driver. In addition, because of a relatively small number of parts from which TRIGON is made of, it would be possible to recycle individual components, thus cutting the amount of waste that usually remains from the recycling process.

[via Michelin Challenge Design]


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