Autovelo Electric Bike – An Easy Way of Riding Through Aglomerated City

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Featuring a comfy drivetrain, the Autovelo electric bike was designed to provide an easy way of avoiding traffic within a car-stuffed city and benefit from a great riding experience.

Designers from the Speed Studio Design wanted to focus on automotive seating position. They included a seating arrangement similar to the one in a vehicle through the same back angle, seat height, and foot position.

The low-stepover frame has been designed in a way to simplify the entry and exit, plus riders can easily put their feet on the ground.

One more interesting feature in the Autovelo is the front 20-inch wheel, which has made the bike’s wheelbase compact. Thus riders and handle the bike quicker and easier.

The rear wheel features an electric motor. Power is generated by the battery installed below the frame.

[via Speed Studio Design]


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