GM Unveils Specs on Volt Minivan

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The new minivan from GM has a propulsion system that can be found inside the company’s other vehicle from the same family – the Chevy Volt.

This system receives power from a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

When there is not enough electric power, the Chevy Volt MPV uses its 1.4-liter engine generator, thus increasing the car’s range.

On full battery charge the minivan can travel 32 miles and then the gas engine picks up to allow you to drive for another 300 miles. It is worth mentioning that GM’s Chevy Volt is able to cross 40 miles on electric energy.

Among other features of Volt MPV, there are: dual skylight panels, 19-inch wheels and five two-toned leather seats. Currently the vehicle is a concept. However, the company has already worked out numerous details for it, which brings to the idea that GM aims at starting mass production of its new hybrid vehicle from the Volt family in the near future.

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