mm.e the Compact Electric Car You Can Assemble At Home

April 28th, 2010 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

Designed by Adam Danko, this vehicle is intended to be used in an agglomerated urban environment. Dubbed the “mm.e” (micro mobility – electric), the car boasts great driving features and low price.

The sporty mm.e is 2.7 meters long and it will be available via the Internet – the users will have the possibility to order it as a package and assembled the car at home using screwdriver.

The design of this electric vehicle is rather simple and at the same time quite functional.

The car consists of a special spaceframe, which is made of planar composite planes, equipped with aluminum rods in cross direction.

Everything else that comes with the spaceframe is attached to it, including the body and the semi-transparent cover manufactured by BAYER Company. The connection of the parts to the car’s spaceframe is made with the help if special cheap plastic.

The rear wheelbases contain electric motors, each being able to generate 12kW of power. The batteries are stored behind the seats. Watch the video after the images. More images are available here.


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