PU_PA – Lightweight Electric Vehicle Made of Carbon-Fiber Materials

April 2nd, 2010 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

Teijin Ltd., a chemical and pharmaceutical company based in Japan has recently presented its ultra-lightweight eco-friendly vehicle called PU_PA.

The body of this electric vehicle is made almost entirely from carbon-fiber materials and the car itself weights just 437 kilograms, which is about half the weight of a standard electric car.

It would be interesting to note that carbon fiber is at one-fifth the weight of steel but at the same time it is ten times stronger.

On a single battery charge the two-seater PU_PA can travel about 100 kilometers. The windows of PU_PA are made of special plastics. The vehicle also boasts air conditioning and a number of other features like airbags that could increase the car’s weight to approximately 550 kilograms.

PU_PA’s price is 80 million yen ($865,000). Teijin Ltd. Looks forward to offer carbon materials to other auto manufacturers, having the goal of considerably expanding the market over the next 5 to 10 years.


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