The Bug – Electric Vehicle Made Using Nanotechnology

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This urban micro vehicle was designed by Ricardo Fedrizzi, who decided to call his electric car the “Bug.” Inside there’s place for only two passengers.

The Bug boasts an aerodynamic shape, which improves the vehicle’s efficiency.

Besides focusing of environmental friendliness, the Brazilian designer also wanted to create a car that would be as lightweight as possible.

Fedrizzi wanted his eco-friendly vehicle to show high performance and promote economy.

The windows along with the windshields in the car are replaced by a lightweight and flexible polycarbonate, which makes the car safer.

Another important aspect of the car is the recyclable materials it is made of. The designer decided to use polymers with vegetable fiber.

The car is also made using light and tough alloys, created by making use of nanotechnology. If launched on the market, the car is expected to come at as rather reasonable price, which would most like push popular electric vehicle aside.


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