Hyundai Aebulle – Three-Wheel Electric Car That Offers High Mobility and Safety

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This futuristic Hyundai Aebulle Concept was designed by a talented student from the Art Center College of Design, CA. Shane Baxley’s three-wheel car is meant to keep the driver as safe as a butterfly feels while in a cocoon.

It would be interesting to note that Baxley was inspired by the European Peacock Butterfly cocoon. Due to its unique design, the vehicle can show the mobility of a motorcycle, while providing a safe ride for the driver.

The car leans when turning at corners due to the fact that its front set of wheel is mounted on a separate swing arm.

Hyundai Aebulle features a magnesium frame and aluminum oxynitride glass that provides the driver with useful information, serves as GPS system and can be used to turn on the radio.

The designer decided to place the gas and brake pedals on the steering column. The latter can be easily adjusted to suit the driver. Lithium-ion batteries power the in-wheel electric motors of the car. The set of batteries is installed in the floor of the vehicle.


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