Mooovie – Electric Car With Two- and Three-Wheel Driving Modes

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This eco-friendly vehicle that can turn from a two-wheel model into a three-wheel one (and vice versa) was designed by Han Jing, a graduate student from the School of Fine Art at Tsinghua University.

The designer named the car Mooovie.

It would be interesting to note that this concept is the winning project of the first “Science & Future” International Concept Car Design Contest.

It received the Gold Award of Best Advanced Technology.

Mooovie is probably an ideal vehicle for cities with a high number of cars on the streets. When the zero-emission electric car is used in the two-wheel mode, the driver can choose the smart automatic drive mode to be able to control the distance between cars and driving line.

When you need to move in high-speed then consider using the three-wheel mode. The wheel display on the electric car shows images or messages of the car and by using the Internet it allows the driver to share messages with other drivers.

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