New-Generation All-Electric Volkswagen Beetle Designed for 2012

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The goal of Belgian designer David Cardoso was to improve the looks of the famous Volkswagen Beetle and make it more masculine.

Cardoso came up with a concept that is more male compared to the previous model, and more contemporary, due to the fact that it is more eco-friendly.

Though little was added to the new Beetle’s predecessor, the car still looks sturdier.

Taking examples of Alfa Romeo MiTo and Renault Clio hybrid, the next generation of VW Beetle, designed for the year 2012, makes use of an electric motor.

Currently there is little information regarding the technical features of the new vehicle, but it is clear that the Beetle will need more than just an electric engine, it will also have to show a longer range than its competitors.

[via Diseno-Art]


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