The Green Samba – World’s First Eco-Friendly Personal Water Craft

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The images you see here show the concept of the world’s first Personal Water Craft V 3.0 powered by twin drive electric propulsion pods, which means that it doesn’t pollute the environment.

Dubbed Green Samba, this eco-friendly water craft is able to produce 260bhp (brake horsepower – the measure of horsepower of a certain engine without the power loss, with the latter being caused by the gearbox, water pump, and other supplementary components like power steering pump and muffled exhaust system).

It is worth mentioning that this water vehicle can reach a speed of up to 65mph. At the same time Green Samba is extremely silent, which is one of its greatest advantages. The PWC was designed by a team from the Silveira Group, a design and composites firm with headquarters in Ohio that focuses on the production of carbon fiber parts for high-performance applications.

The first Green Samba, made using carbon fiber, is expected to be tested in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Read more on this environmentally-friendly personal water craft here.


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