Biway – All-Electric Transportation System that Mixes Bus and Train

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In a world where air pollution is one of the main issues, designers and engineers are continuously looking for alternatives that could make our planet greener.

Aleshina Ekaterina and Kamyshev Vitaly are two industrial designers that came up with an idea for an eco-friendly transportation system that represents a fusion of bus and train transport.

They called their creation Biway. The envisioned system includes all-electric busses that can travel on city streets, being powered by small onboard batteries.

A Biway can also link with other Biways and thus turning into an automatically driven train that travels on specially created lightweight fiber freeways. The latter can be constructed using a rather small amount of resources.

During its trips on the fiber freeway, the Biway will recharge its battery. It would be interesting to note that passengers will have to the possibility to switch the busses when they are connected, moving on the fiber freeway. In such a way passengers will be able to save a lot of time.

[via MichelinChallengeDesign]


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