T.25 City Car – More Efficiency and Safety, and Less Weight

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A British car design company called Gordon Murray Design Limited, based in Shalford, recently unveiled its eco-friendly vehicle entitled T.25.

The presentation took place at Oxford University and was a part of the Smith School’s World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment.

The new vehicle is a huge step forward in the field of city car design, being extremely lightweight, efficient and safe. The 660cc three-cylinder engine installed in the rear registers 51bhp and 42lb.ft of torque. It also emits only 86g/km of carbon dioxide and returns 74mpg on the combined cycle.

Gordon Murray Design used a special iStream manufacturing process that diminishes full lifecycle CO2 damage and boosts production efficiencies.

It was unveiled that the first markets of the T.25 car program are going to be Europe and Asia. It would be interesting to note that a simplified production process is used to create the T.25, which means a considerable reduction in carbon emissions.

Besides, due to the fact that the assembly process is much simpler compared to conventional assembling of vehicles, it would be possible to build a factory that would be about 20 percent smaller than a conventional plant. Thus capital investment in the assembly factory is going to be reduced by about 80 percent.

[via Physorg]


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