The HXO – Eco-Friendly Car Powered by Solar Energy and Hydrogen

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Wang Yanchao and Zhang Zhizhen are the two designers who decided to create a futuristic eco-friendly vehicle that doesn’t require operating costs.

Dubbed the HXO, the car harnesses solar power on the move and makes use of it to part water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen.

Afterwards hydrogen is used to power the car.

Another interesting idea is the spherical wheels that provide additional storage, making the vehicle more compact.

The futuristic zero-emission vehicle was also built for the tech savvy, allowing the driver and passengers to access 3G networks, allowing them to look for the nearest available HXO for rent. Users can also pay for the rent via mobile banking.

In addition, the vehicle is able to gather information on all of the driver’s driving habits. The car can also be used by the elderly and people with no driving experience, due to its automatic driving function.

[via Tuvie]


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