Bentley Jeckyll and Hyde – Concept Car that Harnesses Solar and Wind Energy

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This futuristic concept of an electric vehicle is wisely called the Bentley Jeckyll and Hyde.

It is obvious that this car is not like the other models from Bentley.

The concept was designed by Bora Kim, and if it is built, the Bentley Jeckyll and Hyde has good chances of revolutionizing the luxury car industry.

One of its interesting features is the ability to manipulate the surface for aerodynamics.

This electric car represents a fusion of art, philosophy and sustainability. It produces energy by making use of flexible solar panels. In addition, the vehicle can generate electricity using wind power.

It would be interesting to note that the electricity and wind power generators included in the vehicle are positioned according to the climatic conditions. Thus, during sunny days the vehicle makes use of solar energy, while at night, when it’s windy, it activates wind turbines.

[via Yanko Design]


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