Driverless Electric Car to Travel From Italy to China

July 26th, 2010 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

A team of engineers from Italy decided to launch on a long journey a driverless electric vehicle. They want their car to travel 8,000 miles from Italy to China.

It is worth mentioning that the electric vehicle is equipped with laser scanners and 7 video cameras that will help it cross mountain roads and avoid city traffic.

Though the car is driverless, the team will have two electric-powered vans with technicians that will keep an eye on the car during the journey in order to avoid accidents. After several hours on the road that vans will need an 8-hour charge.

During the journey the team will collect information that could later be useful to VisLab, a company specializing in driverless technology. The company will use the data to develop intelligent systems and artificial vision.

One of the most difficult tasks will be finding recharging stations for the electric vehicle, especially in the regions with mountains. In order to continue the tour when the battery pack runs out of power, the engineers installed generators that run on gasoline.

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