Fiat to Produce Hybrid Version of Its Small TwinAir 500

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The Italian carmaker Fiat looks forward to start developing a hybrid version of its compact vehicle TwinAir 500, able to register over 100mpg.

Engineers at Fiat will give the 900cc two-cylinder vehicle an electric boost, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions to just 70g/km.

Fiat will include in its new version of TwinAir its advanced dual clutch transmission. The goal is to introduce a small 5kW (8bhp) electric motor into the vehicle’s gearbox casing.

TwinAir’s electric motor assists the engine when the car pulls away from a standing start, thus obtaining the full advantage of the electric unit.

Due to the fact that the engine of TwinAir occupies 23 percent less space compared to a 4-cylinder powerplant, the battery pack can be installed under the hood.

Engineers at Fiat consider that the twin-clutch transmission can become a popular option in the United States, where the company hopes to come back in 2012. Fiat will also provide its hybrid version of the vehicle in the US.

[via AutoExpress]


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