Volkswagen Hopes to Create Electric Cars with a 500-Mile Range

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According to Martin Eberhard, the electric vehicle engineering director who works at Volkswagen’s Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) located in Palo Alto, California, over the next 10 years we could witness the appearance of electric vehicle boasting a range that exceeds 500 miles on a single charge.

Today the Laboratory is working on the creation of a number of new driver assistance systems and human-machine interface technologies.

In addition, the ERL focuses on upgrading the multimedia functionality and connectivity of vehicle produced by Volkswagen Group.

Currently the most important projects are the creation of lithium-ion battery packs that would be installed in the three new cars: Volkswagen’s Blue-e-motion Golf, E-Up city car and Audi e-tron.

Engineers at ERL are working on the “18650”-type lithium-ion cells, which they envision as the future of eco-friendly transport.

It is worth mentioning that previously the battery used in the original Audi e-tron prototype provided 60kWh of power and boasted a range of about 150 miles. However, if the battery is replaced with 3.4 amp-hour cells, the vehicle will be able to register 100kWh power and a range of almost 300 miles per charge.

Taking into consideration the progress, Mr. Eberhard hopes that in about a decade the company will be able to produce batteries that would help EVs register a range greater than 500 miles per charge.

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