Wind-Powered Vehicle Travels Faster Than the Wind

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Rick Cavallaro together with the team from was able to create a wind-powered vehicle that can travel faster than the wind.

The team carried out the records runs at El Mirage, California. The speed registered by the vehicle was officially recognized by the North American Land Sailing Association.

The vehicle went downwind 2.8 times the wind speed, with the wind speed being 13.5mph.

It is worth mentioning that engineers and researchers managed to achieve such a result using an ultra-lightweight cart, which also had good aerodynamics.

The vehicle featured a 17-foot propeller that powered the cart.

Using a heavy-duty transmission, the wheels were able to turn the propeller, while the propeller was able to turn the wheels. The wind, meanwhile, played the role of an external source of energy that pushed the vehicle faster than the wind.

The next step set by Cavallaro, is to reach a speed 3 times faster than the speed of the wind.

[via Wired]


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