Wireless Charger for Electric Vehicle Unveiled by Evatran

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Evatran, a company based in Virginia, has come up with the world’s first wireless charging station for electric vehicles.

The device was presented at the Plug In conference, which took place in San Jose.

The company named its wireless charger Plugless Power and here’s how it works: the driver gets a control tower (plugged into the grid), a parking block and an adaptor installed on the EV.

The parking block represents a long flat pad that is positioned in the ground underneath the car at the charging station.

It is worth mentioning that the adapter and the parking block feature metal coil. When the driver parks the car over the block, magnetic sensors align the coils found in the block to 6-8cm of the coils in the adapter. After the tower senses that the coils are positioned, it generates a strong magnetic field inside the coils in the parking block, thus inducing an electrical current to run in the adapter coils and charge the vehicle’s battery pack.

However, there are several issues: the induction process is able to reach a maximum efficiency of 80%, which means that the driver pays additional 20% to charge the vehicle. In addition, the hardware developed by Evatran is expensive. The company’s first version will hit the market in April 2011 and will be available for $3,800. Besides, the installation of the adapter will cost $500.

[via Physorg]


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