AXA – Compact Solar-Powered Concept Car

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Designed by Marian, the AXA is an eco-friendly vehicle that is meant to travel across car-stuffed city-streets.

The zero-emission concept has its rooftop covered with solar panels that harness solar energy in order to charge the onboard batteries during sunny days.

Marian thought about designing a vehicle that would be energy efficient, which is why he included LED lights and used lightweight materials.

Being powered entirely by electricity, the car features small monitors on each side of the driving console. These monitors replace the outer rearview mirrors.

In addition, the AXA has regenerative braking – technology that produces electricity when the driver hits the brakes.

Measuring a 1524 millimeter in width and having a wheel base of 2362 millimeters, the car occupies little parking space.

[via Local-Motors]


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