Biofuel-Powered Vehicle to Help Researchers Explore Antarctica

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Recently the Moon-Regan Transantarctic Expedition team announced its plan to travel 3,600 miles across Antarctica.

The journey is expected to start this winter and the main helpers of the team are several ice-riders that run on biofuel.

These vehicles will help the 11 members of the team complete its 40-days journey in the tough conditions.

It would be interesting to note that the Moon-Regan Transantarctic Expedition was initiated with the goal of studying the impact of global climate change on the icy continent.

Each of the team’s E85-fueled Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicles features a 100hp four-cylinder Rotax 914 engine and weights 1,500 pounds.

An eco-friendly ice-rider that is going to be used in the expedition drives a three-blade prop with variable pitch. The vehicle runs atop 3 skis, each featuring an independent suspension system.

There’s one drawback – one vehicle has space only for the driver.

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