Top 5 Electric Superbikes

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Andre Federico Look is the author of this electric superbike that can compete with nearly any fuel-powered vehicle on the racetrack. The AER boasts a number of interesting features, including an asymmetrical chassis. The AER is powered by four electric motors that together are able to generate 143.5KW of power. In order to equally distribute the weight, the electric engines and their battery packs are installed in a very compact way.


Helder Rodrigues decided to design an all-electric bike for the zero-emission race category of the TT Zero. The bike was entitled HR26-NES (New Electric Sport). It is powered by batteries that are able to produce 80KW of power. Besides being powerful, the motorcycle is rather silent and was designed to have body, chassis fairings and wheels made from such lightweight materials as aluminum and carbon fiber. Thus the bike’s weight was cut down to 160 kilograms.

Carrera Raptor RS

This eco-friendly superbike was designed by Adrian Carrera. It is powered by electric engines mounted inside each wheel. The visible rims in the two wheels of the bike have a static shape. Each visible rim holds an internal rim. When the internal rim rotates together with the tire and the brake disk, it creates a visual effect for the passers-by. At high speeds, Carrera Raptor RS leans to the left or right in order to take curves. It would be interesting to note that the bike’s front tire can rotate in its own axis with the help of a gyroscope rotation system. The rider can use the controls on the handle to electronically control the front tire.

BMW E 100R

Miika Mahonen is the one who designed this electric motorcycle dubbed the E 100R. By combining a powerful electric engine with an ultra-lightweight frame, the designer obtained an eco-friendly contemporary sports bike that will allow the rider to enjoy a smooth and fast ride on city streets, curvy hill roads and even racetrack. It is worth mentioning that the designer’s electric motorcycle will be available for the masses and boast low cost.


Roehr Motorcycles is an American company that recently presented its new line of eco-friendly sports motorcycles: eSuperSport, eSuperBike and RR. The eSuperSport weights 395lb, features dual 300mm brake discs and 5.8Kw/h worth of batteries that allow the bike to register a range of 80 miles on a single charge. With its 48hp engine the motorcycle can reach a top speed of 100mph. The 500lbs eSuperBike boasts a combined engine power of 96hp. It boasts 7.7Kw/h worth of batteries that help the bike register a range of 100 miles per charge. Its top speed is 135mph. The RR features lightweight wheels and a nice design.


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