Volvo Skylon – Futuristic, Eco-Friendly Truck

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Designer Nikita Kalinin, a Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design, came up with the idea of creating a futuristic high-speed truck for Volvo.

He was greatly inspired by the aerodynamics of Bullet Trains and Le Mans cars.

Mr. Kalinin called his eco-friendly truck Skylon. The truck has a series of solar panels installed on its rooftop.

It also features in-wheel electric motors. If Skylon run out of electric energy at winter, when there’s little sunlight, it attaches a trailer for additional power, thus ensuring that the truck carried cargo without having to be recharged multiple times.

Inside the cabin there’s enough space for the drive and a few passengers. The pivoting seats provide comfort and touchscreen controls a safe drive.

[via The Design blog]


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