X-Frame – Electric Vehicle That Easily Folds for Storage

September 2nd, 2010 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

This rather odd vehicle has been recently unveiled at the Good Design Expo 2010.

The prototype, dubbed X-Frame, is a revolutionary folding vehicle that can push the boundaries of urban mobility to a new extent.

It commercially launched, the vehicle may as well replace the motorcycle.

It is worth mentioning that the X-Frame was developed by engineers from the Nagoya Institute of Technology.

The seating area of the car changes its shape depending on the speed of the vehicle, landscape and number of passengers.

When not in use, the X-Frame folds up vertically and can be easily stored right inside the driver’s home.

The electric vehicle is powered by an electric battery, located in the rear wheel of the vehicle. It would be interesting to note that the battery can be easily replaced with a new one, when you don’t have time to recharge the X-Frame.

[via Dvice]


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