Angel H1 – Eco-Friendly Hummer H1 that Delivers Electricity to Remote Areas

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The famous rugged Hammers spend a lot of gas and their engines emit a large amount of carbon dioxide.

In order to solve the issue Nation-E decided to create an eco-friendly Hummer H1.

The car boasts a 60KW battery. In addition, the vehicle doubles as a mobile energy source.

It is worth mentioning that this green Hummer H1, also called the Angel H1, was designed to be able to get to remote regions that suffered from serious disasters.

Angel H1 represents a modified Hummer that can get to remote location and deliver electricity to different facilities in the area.

It can also help recharge stranded EVs and power the satellite and communication systems.

Till now there has been no word on pricing and the vehicle’s full specifications.

Angel H1 is expected to appear at the eCarTec exhibition that will take place in Munich, Germany, later this year.

[via EcoFriend]


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