El-Assist – Electric Car that Uses Overhead Network to Recharge

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Vladimir Abramov is an industrial designer who came up with a way of charging electric vehicle.

The new technology considerably increases the range of EVs due to the fact that with its help the cars can be refilled on the move.

In addition, the new concept has the goal of cutting the number of private cars by combining private driving and public transportation.

The idea is not new – the El-Assist makes use of overhead network to recharge (the same network trams use).

During long trips the driver simply needs to connect to the system and recharge their vehicle.

However, the main idea is that the owners of private electric vehicle have to take passengers if they want to use service.

There’s also another part of the concept which involves the use of auto-piloted support shuttles. The latter would be used to refill batteries when the car travels longer distances. Such an idea could serve as an alterative to bigger batteries for EVs.

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