Fast-Charging System that Powers Hybrid, Electric Buses

October 11th, 2010 by GreenDan Leave a reply »

Most buses today drive on diesel. Opbrid Transporte Sostenible, a company based in Spain, decided to focus on the eco-friendly part and presented its Busbaar charging system that powers buses with renewable energy, allowing them to travel around a city without burning diesel.

The system leverages the fast charge capability of lithium-titanate batteries and employs an end-of-route high-power charging (250 kW) system. This system works without plugging in.

This is how it works: after stopping at the station to pick up and drop off passengers, the bus is filled with energy from the overhead charger. The energy is just enough to reach the next stop, where the vehicle recharges.

At each end route, the buses are refilled in about 5 minutes. The system can prove to be revolutionary since it can charge hybrid and electric buses fast and the vehicle are able to handle their daily task without spending a drop of diesel while registering a range of about 15 kilometers.

[via AutoblogGreen]


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