Scientists Look Forward to Making Electric Cars Safer

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Having the goal of increasing the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, scientists from the Warwick University’s WMG decided to create a special electric van that would help them figure out the types of noises that warn pedestrians but don’t annoy them.

The vehicle that came to mind is called ELVIN (which stands for Electric Vehicle with Interactive Noise).

Researchers used this utility car around the campuses to patrol car parking.

It is worth mentioning that the vehicle includes a NoViSim’s sound system.

With the help of the audio engineering expertise of NoViSim and EC Tunes, the team managed to create 6 different sounds.

While at the university campus, the car will be used to test these sounds in order to analyze people’s reactions.

After the trials researchers will examine the students’ feedbacks to find out which sounds were annoying and which were considered to be suitable as warning.

[via International Business Times]


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