Top 10 Best Hybrid Cars

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The main feature of this hybrid vehicle is fuel efficiency that is obtained with relatively little performance sacrifice.

The heart of 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is Ford’s 2.5-liter Hybrid Powersplit drivetrain, a combination of a 156hp 2.5-liter, Atkinson cycle gasoline motor and a 106hp AC electric engine.

Being a parallel hybrid, this car can run on electric power, gasoline power of a fusion of the two. It is able to show an average fuel economy of 41 miles per gallon in the city and 36 on the highway.

If you want to buy the hybrid car, you will have to spend just over $27,000 for the base model, which includes recycled cloth seats, standard audio, and standard Sync and Bluetooth.

2010 Lexus RX 450h

This Lexus model is truly one of the best hybrid cars on the market, boasting advanced hybrid technology, which registers impressive fuel economy. In addition the car has a very luxurious look both from the outside and inside.

Under the vehicle’s hood you will find a 3.5-liter V-6 engine mixed with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, which feature two separate motors along with a continuously variable transmission that replaces a 6-speed automatic.

In addition, the car boasts a large battery pack located under the second-row seat. According to the company, the mix of gas and electric power allows the RX 450h to show fuel economy of 28 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on highway.

One of the most important features of 2010 Lexus RX 450h is safety. The car contains not less than 10 airbags. This model is also equipped with a Pre-Collision System which makes use of radar sensors to detect a potential impact and in case of emergency it prepares the brakes and seatbelts. If you’re willing to buy this hybrid car, get ready to spend over $42,000.

2010 Toyota Prius

This 4-door hatchback gas/electric hybrid vehicle has enough space to carry 5 passengers. The new 2010 model of the famous Prius brand boasts fuel economy of 50mpg (combined city/highway). It includes a powerful 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle, 4-cylinder engine mixed with a battery-powered electric motor.

Just like the 2010 Lexus RX450h, this hybrid vehicle has a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that acts pretty much like an automatic. The hybrid vehicle is rather lightweight due to the fact that Toyota used aluminum to make some of the car’s parts such as the hood, rear hatch and front suspension axle.

The 2010 Toyota Prius has 3 alternative driving modes: EV-Drive Mode (which uses only battery power), Power Mode (for a sportier experience) and Eco Mode (for the best possible mileage).

The solar panels mounted on this hybrid vehicle are used to power the air circulator that prevents the increase of air temperature inside the car when the latter is parked. In addition, the air-conditioning system can run even when the engine off. To buy the hybrid car you will need at least $27,000.

2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid

The base model of the 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid will cost you just over $26,000. You can also buy the hybrid car fully loaded starting with $30,000. The fully equipped Nissan Altima Hybrid offers navigation with traffic, a Bluetooth cell phone system, and a Bose audio system. In addition, you will also receive a smart key and XM Satellite Radio.

It is worth mentioning that this hybrid vehicle represents a combination of Nissan’s powerful QR25 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine and an advanced electric drive motor/generator. This mix allows the car to show fuel economy of 35mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highway.

It would also be interesting to note that the 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid uses regenerative braking technology that generates power that is used to recharge the batteries of the vehicle’s hybrid system.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

The key features that make Toyota Camry Hybrid one of the best hybrid cars are: safety, appealing design, comfort and reliability. The drive of this hybrid vehicle allows Toyota Camry Hybrid to show 33 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles on the highway.

Some of the most impressive features that come in a standard model include tire-pressure monitoring system, halogen headlamps, Bluetooth connectivity, a 440-watt premium audio system with additional input for iPod, smart keyless entry, push-button starting, and dual climate control.

To buy the hybrid car with custom equipment you will have to spend just over $25,000. A more expensive version may include a moonroof, voice-activated navigation system, leather-trimmed interior, and heated seats.

Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid

The 5-passenger Saturn Aura Green Line represents a nice eco-friendly hybrid family sedan. During acceleration, the electric motor of the vehicle works together with the combustion engine and lets the motor shut off at a stop, thus saving fuel.

The heart of this hybrid vehicle is a 164 hp 2.4-liter Ecotec 4-cylinder motor that works in combination with a regenerative nickel metal hydride battery pack connected to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The list of features one may find in the standard version of the car includes four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, six airbags, automatic climate control, satellite radio, cruise control, power mirrors, windows and door locks with remote keyless entry.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency estimates, the Aura Hybrid shows 26mpg in the city and 34mpg on the highway. The starting price tag for this hybrid vehicle is just over $23,000.

Saturn Vue Hybrid

This is the first gas-electric vehicle from General Motors. The car shows fuel economy of 25mpg in town and 32mpg in the country. The standard model has a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine that generates 257hp, while two electric motors generate a total of 55 kilowatts.

The car’s 36-volt battery and motor-generator wake up the motor after the driver takes his foot off the brake pedal. It is worth mentioning that the battery pack is located in the cargo area and allows the auto-stop function do its job. To buy this hybrid car you will need to spend at least $24,000.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

This new 4-door hybrid car from Toyota is able to transport up to 7 passengers. Under the hood you will be able to discover a standard 3.3-liter, V6, 270-horsepower, hybrid engine. The list of advantages of this hybrid vehicle includes: spacious interior, smooth ride, and advanced hybrid powertrain.

It is one of the best hybrid cars because it’s a great family vehicle. The V6 engine of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid is used to drive the front wheels. There’re two electric motors – one is used to power the front wheels, while the second one to provide rear traction when required.

EPA rated the vehicle at 27mpg in the city and 25mpg on the highway. There’s an ECON button on the dash that the driver can push to sacrifice some acceleration for a better mileage. You will be able to buy this hybrid car for about $35,000.

Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda put all of its engineering skill to develop this sporty Honda Civic Hybrid. Honda’s new hybrid motor represents a combination of a 1.3 liter iVTEC 4-cylinder engine and a 20hp electric motor. The system is able to generate a total of 110hp.

Honda Civic Hybrid boasts improved battery packs, which, along with regenerative braking, were borrowed from the previous generation. The 2010 hybrid car can show 40mpg in the city and 43mpg on the highway.

Some of the vehicle’s features include a continuously variable transmission (CVT), steering wheel-mounted controls, automatic climate control, power windows, mirrors and door locks.

The base model comes with a price tag of $24,000. If you’re willing to spend more on additional features, you will get heated/leather seating and a Satellite Linked Navigation System with Bluetooth connectivity.

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid

This hybrid vehicle is very close to the non-hybrid Milan. It can show faster acceleration from 0 to 60mph than the 4-cylinder Milan, while consuming less gasoline.

The EPA rates the hybrid vehicle at 39mpg combined. It would be interesting to note that the new 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan seem almost identical.

The system in the 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid is a combination of a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that can generate 156hp, and an electric engine able to show an equivalent of 106hp. The standard version of the hybrid car comes with front, front-side, and full-length head curtain airbags and can be acquired starting with $27,500.


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