Bio-Bug – World’s First Vehicle Running on Human Waste

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According to engineers from GENeco, a company specializing in alternative energy, they managed to create a motor that can run on methane gas produced from human waste.

They carried out a test of their engine by placing it in a VW Beetle. Engineers called the vehicle Bio-Bug.

It is worth mentioning that the development of a high-performance motor running on methane is a practice called biogas upgrading.

The practice involves the removal of carbon dioxide from the gas generated by waste fermentation.

Bio-Bug is the first methane-powered vehicle that can reach a speed of 114mph. Engineers consider their invention carbon neutral due to the fact that all CO2 it generates would’ve been emitted into the air anyway from the decomposition of human waste.

The team at GENeco estimated that a single British sewage can provide enough methane to allow the Bio-Bug to run 95.4 million miles in a single year.

[via NaturalNews]


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