Urbee – World’s First 3-D Printed Vehicle

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Urbee is the brainchild of Stratasys and Kor Ecologic. The two managed to create the world’s first vehicle that had its entire body 3D printed.

The layers of the material were printed on top of each other until the actual body of the vehicle was created.

It would be interesting to note that 3D printing has been used before. It was used by Boeing and Bespoke Innovations, a company that creates prosthetic limb casings.

However, Urbee represents the first car to have all of its exterior components printed Dimension 3D Printers and Fortus 3D Production Systems.

In addition to being the first 3D printed car, the hybrid Urbee is also co-friendly. It was presented at the 2010 X-Prize Competition where the developers said that the car can register a range of 200mpg on the highway and 100mpg in the city. It can run on either gasoline or ethanol.

Currently the two companies did not provide any information on whether the new vehicle will be mass-produced.

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